DJ TJacques

DJ TJACQUES the most underrated DJ in the GAME. There had been some argument; However, with his latest repertoire these arguments have been settled. He’s also the most versatile DJs in the game. With over 20 years in the business he is STILL one of the most sot after DJs in the business. With the ability to play ANY type of genre, for ANY type of crowd, he is the go to candidate when diverse crowds assemble. DJ TJACQUES started he’s musical career at the age of 8 by the age of 14 he started receiving paid gigs. He plays several Instruments that he seamlessly incorporates into his performance sets. From Kompa to Kizomba, Hip-Hop, Afro, Top 40, Bachata, Salsa & Dancehall his music knowledge is vast. He attributes his diversity in music to being a student of the game where he not only plays music but studies music extensively. TJacques often says “When I DJ, you won’t leave the way you came. My only GOAL is to MOVE your SPIRIT, when I do that everything else follows…..never fails” . You can find DJ TJACQUES at his local residency @LPSSATURDAYS each and every Saturday as well as weddings, corporate and private events. Check out his latest mixes on Soundcloud #tjacques