Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 21+. This is the policy of Spirit of Boston and all places in Boston serving alcohol. No exception can be made, it’s the law. Sorry kiddies ­čÖé

Konpa (sometimes written Compas Direct, konpa direk, kompa or compa) is a musical genre as well as a dance that originates from Haïti. It was first explicitly named.

Women’s Attire; Should be similar to Cocktail party or semi formal – Dress to impress, Whatever you feel will make you the hottest female on the boat. Guys Business Casual and stylish.

We have provided many options for you to get tickets for the Konpa Cruise. See our ticket section of the website.

We have 4 floors, with many different DJs, playing different type of music:

1st level hottest Reggae, Dance hall Soca, Calypso, and more

2nd level will have mainly  Konpa/Zouk

3rd level VIP/Lounge, for VIP guest featuring VIP Bar

4th level Moonlight Top deck Kizomba and International Vibes

In short, you can’t go wrong!